Sunrise Early Childhood Development Centre

Core Ideologies

Professional Staff and Training

All teachers of Sunrise Early Childhood Centres are certified Early Childhood Educators. We provide our teachers and staff with continuous professional training to improve their knowledge and skills in the field, as well as their ability to develop innovative teaching plans and models.

Research and assessment cooperation

We utilize the standard evaluation system to assess and track children’s development. This assessment system is uniquely developed in Canada and is used by thousands of early childhood education centres all over the world.

Be er Education and Be er Life

We are dedicated to provide be er education and support to children since their early childhood.Based on the needs and direct feedbacks from families, we help them have
be er family life and future.

Sunrise Early Childhood Development Centre has a history of success in creating an advanced system of early support for young children and their families. We focus on early development and responds to children and families within the context of their communities with resources from professional early childhood research professionals, healthcare providers as well as provincial and federal governments. Investing in early childhood is investing in the future.

Sunrise Early Childhood projects have combined Chinese and Western education research and philosophy. We build our projects based on traditional Chinese culture in diversified open minds.

Our Early Childhood Education Centres are consistently managed with high standards by utilizing ISO9001 system. Through continuous checking and improvement, we make sure the efficiency, safety and effectiveness in the opera ons management.

Unique experiential environment are built for children so that they can utilize their strengths and develop diversity.

All children enrolled in our programs make great progress and benefit through Sunrise Early Childhood projects.