How We Can Help

An Integrated Suite of Business Services

Perhaps your company is looking to export to China and capitalize on the burgeoning marketplace. Or, maybe you are looking for a strategic partner to improve the cost competitiveness of your manufacturing value-chain. In these and other cases, business in China can help to transform your sales and profitability. However, that requires that you make the right decisions in an environment that can be exceedingly unforgiving. That is where the Sunrise Group can guide you every step of the way as your strategic business advisor.

Our capacity to deliver value-based solutions to our clients is built upon a combination of our business expertise, our strong understanding of the Chinese business environment, and our broad base of contacts among business and governmental leaders. With an experienced team of professionals in both Canada and China, we assist companies, industry associations, and governments with an integrated suite of services that respond to the full spectrum of business challenges and opportunities

Our services are provided in six key areas of international business consulting:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Trade Development
  • Logistics Management
  • Marketing
  • Investment Analysis

Marketing Intelligence: In a country where one city is as large as the entire Canadian market, it is essential that your business has the very best information on which to base your decision-making. Our market intelligence team will offer you critical insights into the Chinese market—insights which will prove essential to your success.

Our market intelligence services include:

  • Market insights and economic trend analysis
  • Industry and competitive environmental scans
  • Quantitative and qualitative market research.

Trade Development: The vastness of the Chine market requires that companies focus to avoid wasted time and resources. Our trade development team will ensure that we showcase your business capabilities to the key decision-makers in the most advantageous locations in as short a time as possible.

Our trade development services include:

  • Trade Mission Management
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Business Culture Training and Orientation

Marketing: Developing successful, cost-effective marketing strategies in a different culture and language requires a keen sense of business trends and an in-depth understanding of the marketplace. The size and diversity of the Chinese market only adds to those imperatives. Our bilingual marketing team located in both China and Canada can serve as your “in-house” marketing arm, giving your business the profile it needs to succeed.

Our marketing services include:

  • Branding and Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Event Management

Logistics Support: Getting into the Chinese market and having customers is one thing; servicing it from a North American location is is another challenge altogether. The Sunrise Group can assist your business with all regulatory, customs, transportation, and distribution needs. Our local staff will provide your business with dedicated expertise and serve as a key point of contact to ensure your products arrive on time.

Our logistics support services include

  • Coordination of Customs Approval and Import Regulatory Compliance
  • Management of currency, payment and e-commerce transaction issues
  • Identification and management of transportation, storage, and distribution partners

Investment Analysis: Chinese investors are looking for Western business partners as an opportunity for diversification and entrance into the North American market. Forging the right partnerships is critical to the economic success of both parties. Our Investment analysis and promotion business team will ensure that your organization connects with the kind of investment opportunity that is transformational.

Our investment analysis services include:

  • Investment Partner Research and Evaluation
  • Investment Brokering
  • Technology Transfer Evaluation