On December 26, 2019, Mrs. Shuo Huang the CEO of Study Aboard Canada, led the school’s language arts students to the ” Sibo Cup -Youth Poetry Literacy TV Challenge” on Jiangsu TV.

With the poems sung by the children, the five teams participating in this challenge, named after the poetry club: Jinling Poetry Club, Fengya Poetry Club, Four season Poetry Club, Yuli Poetry Club and Yongchang Poetry Club.

The self-introduction and unique style display of the five participating teams ignited the enthusiasm of the scene. At the competition site, the content of multiple-choice questions covered a wide range, and the poets, the background of ancient poems, and historical stories could not bother the children. The children responded swiftly to the quiz questions and won warm applause from the audience from time to time. For the quizzes, the children talked freely. They are not only memories of poetry, but also their own understanding, experience and perception, which set off a climax on the scene.


Throughout the process, all the contestants were eager to try, scrambling to show off their rich poetic literacy.

With two wonderful dances, the show has come to an end. In ancient times, there were talented scholars who had been exporting chapters. Today, the children of the Sibo Cup at the competition site are still immersed in ancient poems, and the spirits are harmonious. We hope that Chinese traditional culture and ancient classics will be passed on forever.

Through this Sibo Cup Poetry Literacy TV Challenge, we have reason to believe that the power of traditional Chinese poetry will become their spiritual calcium and firmly affect their lives.

Mrs. Huang Shuo, CEO of Study Aboard Canada, said: “People’s wisdom is country’s wisdom, people’s wealth is country’s wealth.Study aboard Canada hopes to use the modest strength to improve the education system, so that more children can grow up for love.”

Sunrise Group and Study Aboard Canada will continue to steadily help China’s education. Sibo Cup Poetry Literacy TV Challenge will be more than a successful. We look forward to more investment and participation in the education field.