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Since 2012 Asia in a changing world: Towards health and sustainable development, to innovation, responsibility, and cooperation, in 2013; Asia seeks common development, and to the new future of Asia, in 2014, to find and release new development momentum, Asia’s new future by 2015: Towards a community of shared destiny; to Asia’s new future by 2016: new vitality and new vision, the one  Belt and Road Initiative by 2017”: Asia-Europe strategic alignment, and a more leading forum theme this year. Sunrise Group learns and shares the rich discussion content and economic focus of Boao’s previous annual forums.

The theme of the 2018 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference is “Open and Innovative Asia, a World of Prosperity and Development”, with four sections: “Globalization and the one Belt and Road “, “Open Asia”, “Innovation” and “Reformation and Restart”. There were more than 60 formal discussions. More than 2,000 celebrities from the global political, business, and media communities will gather in Boao to discuss a win-win plan for cooperation, seek common development and prosperity, and provide “Boao wisdom” and contribution to “Boao power” for Asia and the world.


Sunrise’s sixth years continuation attending Boao, has been benefited greatly.

            The president of the Sunrise Group, the executive president of the Canada-China Friendship Exchange Association, and the secretary-general Frank Zhou attended the “Boao Forum for Asia 2018 Annual Meeting” in Boao, Hainan Province from April 8th to 11th. In-depth discussion on the changing international situation and the world economy and other topics, contributing to the case and wisdom of Sunrise Development and the mutual benefit of China and Canada.

Mr. Frank Zhou attended the opening ceremony of the forum and participated in more than 20 sub-forum discussions, including: Entrepreneurship and Business Civilization”, “Energy Resources: The New Silk of the Belt and Road Initiative”,”Sina Finance Night”, “Sino-Japanese Entrepreneur Dialogue” and other closed-door meetings and discuss hot topics.

Mr. Frank Zhou said that since the reform and opening up started in 1978, China has opened the door to the world for 40 years, and it is getting bigger and bigger. These measures and reforms have helped Chinese companies win more opportunities in a larger market, and they have also helped the Chinese economy achieve remarkable development achievements in the past 40 years. At the same time, it also allows more international companies to enter China and understand China. Together, we will build a community of Shared future for Asia and mankind.


Professionals and collogues discussion

Sunrise Group is a modern enterprise group with deep corporate culture composed of Sunrise Innovation, Sunrise Consulting, Sunrise Immigration and Investment, Sunrise Capital, COWS Creamy, Anne (China) and Sunrise Early Childhood Development Research Center. The Group’s business covers China, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. With the vigorous economic development of China and Canada and the continuous close relations between the two countries, the Sunrise Group has gradually grown and become a comprehensive multinational enterprise group. The projects planned and executed by the Group have been praised by the governments at all levels in China and Canada many times, and the leaders of the Group have been cordially to meet with the leaders of the parties between China and Canada.


Mr. Frank Zhou pointed out that in the 21st century led by the knowledge economy, the Rising Group has mastered the advanced management experience of Chinese and Western integration, and has concentrated a number of consulting, legal, cultural, educational and capital markets Senior experts with first-class operation experience have a team of experienced, continuous pursuit and continuous innovation. Today, our Sunrise team are facing new opportunities and challenges. They will continue to innovate with persistent pursuit, and make greater contributions to customers! Looking back, we are pleased. Looking ahead, we are full of confidence and hope!

The president Mr. Frank Zhou said that the Boao Forum for Asia has become an important platform for China to communicate with the world. The Sunrise Group is honored and gratified to have lived on this stage for many years in a row and shared a lot while sharing. I look forward to the Boao Forum, a big platform and platform that will provide you with more opportunities to learn more about China’s future policy direction or to inspire future investment from around the world.