Message from the President

As a group of dynamic companies services clients in Canada, China and throughout the world, we are committed to bridging business and cultural divides in a way that delivers meaningful value. We strive to draw on the strengths of what working par es together have in common, including shared values, vision and purpose, while also capitalizing on differences in order to achieve common goals. Our business and cultural perspectives from both eastern and western marketplaces allow us to help our clients expand their businesses and seize new opportunities.

We grow as both organizations and individuals when we understand different perspectives and consider new ways of thinking. Our group of companies pride itself in our diversity. This leads to true insights and innovative practices that ultimately create business opportunities for our clients.

Sunrise Group believes a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in an organization’s success. We make every effort to enable our employees to explore their strengths, pursue opportunities and achieve their full potential. We are well positioned to succeed in today’s competitive global economy. Sunrise Group is focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of our existing brands. As we succeed and grow, so too will our clients benefit from the experience and expertise of our expanding team of professionals.

Xuan (Frank) Zhou

President Sunrise Group

Board Director of Atlantic Provinces Economic Council (APEC)

Executive Board Director/Secretary General of Canadian Chinese Friendship and Goodwill Association

Board of Governor of University of Prince Edward Island

Top75 Immigrates of Canada 2015