Sunrise Group CEO Named One of Atlantic Canada’s 25 Most Powerful Women in Business.

With other 24 women who are making a difference across Atlantic Canada together.

Sherry believes that by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, you force yourself to grow.

Successful leadership by women are leaving their mark on the world. By establishing successful companies and creating more prospered community, they are acting as role models for the youth to learn. Although their ages, background, and fields of involvement are different, they are all contributing to the betterment of the economy.

Sherry Huang came to Canada in 1999, graduated from Simon Fraser University, and moved to Atlantic Canada in mid 2000s. “First, I struggled, but I was attracted by the beauty of both the mother nature and the people here, and this became home,” she says. Today Sherry guides an array of companies from Atlantic to Pacific to China, providing services in areas such as education, investment, international business development, trade logistics and etc.

Sherry always believes that female leadership is vital for our future. The International Women’s Day intended to promote the equality of both genders, recognize and celebrate the achievements of women across the world in the society, economics, culture, politics, science and other fields. The 25 Most Powerful Women have built their own stories from the ground up and continue to empower other women to follow their footsteps.