On October 12th,2019 The President of Sunrise Group, Canada China Culture Exchange Association Vice-president and Secretary-General Mr. Xuan (Frank) Zhou and the principal of Study Aboard Canada Inc visited the East Beijing Road Primary School, Nanjing. Mrs. Huang and Principal Mr. SUN, Shuangjin signed the agreement on international education cooperation between the two schools.

East Beijing Road Primary School, Nanjing

The primary school founded in May 1947, is one of the first batches of provincial-level experimental primary schools in Jiangsu Province, a provincial model school, the first batch of national science and technology education demonstration bases, and the first batch of “National Modern Educational Technology Experimental Schools” named by the Ministry of Education.

The signing ceremony kicked off in the loud recitation of the children in Nanjing. It was followed by recitations of ancient poems, and cheerleading displays. Seeing the children’s rich accumulation of ancient classics and the relentless pursuit of the culture of the new era.

At the signing ceremony, the principal Mr. Shaungjin SUN first welcomed the visit of Mr. Xuan (Frank) ZHOU and Mrs. Huang SHUO. In Mr. Frank Zhou’s speech, he encouraged children to study hard, cherish time, and hope that every child can achieve their goals. “I hope that this partnership will bring more opportunities to broaden our horizons and go abroad. At the same time, we are also proud to be able to promote the traditional classic courses of East Beijing Road Primary School, Nanjing to the international community.” Mr. Zhou said.

In the future, students from schools in China and Canada will exchange and visit each other regularly, and carry out various forms of cultural exchange activities, so as to stimulate children’s interest in learning and promote them to have an international perspective, independent thinking, and strong comprehensive literacy.