In November 2018, the Premier of Prince Edward Island, accompanied by the Sunrise Group, brought in-depth exchange visits to China with leading representative companies in various fields of the province. The delegation included leading companies in the fields of education, tourism, and fisheries from Prince Edward Island, and the Study Aboard Canada, subordinate of Sunrise Group, was also honored to participate in this visit.

On November 5th, the Premier of PEI, Honroable Wade MacLauchlan, met with Premier Shen Xiaoming in Haikou. The two parties held the first annual “Dialogue Day” to discuss and research further cooperation opportunities in the fields of trade and sustainable development, tourism and education. It is hoped that the two provinces will further deepen cooperation and exchanges in education, tourism, culture, health, and ocean clean energy based on previous cooperation.


During this visit, Sunrise Group once again witnessed the deepening of exchanges and cooperation between Prince Edward Island and Hainan in various fields and hopes to continue to assist and promote the development of friendship between the two provinces.