From Shandong, Fujian, to Guangdong, Sunrise Group accompanied the Honorable Premier Stephen McNeil and his delegation to visit China in-depth in 2018: by in-depth talks, representative activities and farewells like old friends, the friendship between Nova Scotia and China is getting deeper. As the mission service provider, Sunrise Group contributed many cooperation achievements during this visit. The delegation included more than 20 representatives from the premier’s team, the trustee of Dalhousie University, and the chairman of EDUNOVA.

In Shandong, Premier Stephen McNeill thanked Shandong Province for its warm welcome. During many visits to China and Shandong Province, he is very optimistic about Shandong’s development prospects. Nova Scotia and Shandong Province are both major maritime and agricultural provinces and have a good foundation for cooperation. It is hoped that through the establishment of a cooperation platform, we will find and seize new investment opportunities and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of ocean, agriculture, culture, and art.

As early as 2016, Premier Stephen McNeill visited Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology. The two sides held friendly talks on strengthening exchanges and cooperation in Marine science, technology and culture.

During this visit, the opening ceremony of the Shandong University – Dalhousie university joint laboratory has been a memorable event that representing the cooperation between two provinces has been implementing in the education program.


Left to Right: Honorable Stephen McNeill accompanied by Sunrise Group visited the New laboratory System

On the morning of October 15, Vice Governor Ms. GUO,  Ningning met with Honorable Stephen McNeill, the Premier of Nova Scotia, Canada and his party in Fuzhou.

Ms. Guo said that China and Canada have close economic and trade cooperation and have a solid foundation for cooperation in the fields of agriculture, energy, science and technology, and education. In May 2018, Fujian and Nova Scotia signed a letter of intent to create a broad development space for strengthening exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces. It is hoped that in the future the two sides will strengthen their complementary advantages, expand economic and trade cooperation, deepen pragmatic cooperation in the fields of high technology and cultural exchanges, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Honorable McNeill said that in recent years, Nova Scotia and Fujian have carried out fruitful cooperation in the fields of education and culture. He is very much looking forward to the visit to Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in the afternoon to strengthen the cooperation between the two provinces in agriculture, food and fishery and to deepen the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in the fields of education and culture.

In Zhuhai, Guangzhou, the meeting between Premier McNeill and the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Yao Yisheng brought a successful conclusion to the trip. Honorable McNeil pointed out that the exchanges between the two places began with the friendly cooperation between St. Mary’s University and the Zhuhai branch of Beijing Normal University. She hopes to enhance the understanding between the two places through exchanges in the field of education, and on the basis of mutual respect to promote mutual visits of enterprises of the two places and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of culture and education.

In addition, Nova Scotia is committed to developing the marine economy through innovative marine research, which is in line with the plans of Zhuhai and Guangdong to carry out marine research. The two sides reached a consensus on promoting cooperation between scientific research institutions and personnel in the field of marine research in the two places.

                      Honorable Stephen McNeil on the left and Governor of Guangdong Province Ma Xingrui


Honorable Stephen McNeil on the left, Deputy Secretary of Zhuhai Municipal Committee, and Mayor Yao Yisheng

In 2018, Nova Scotia’s trade with China reached 1.187 billion Canadian dollars, an increase of 22.4% year-on-year, of which aquatic product exports to China were 524 million Canadian dollars, an increase of 36% year-on-year. China is the second-largest export market for aquatic products in the province. In addition, there are currently approximately 5,000 Chinese students studying in Nova Scotia, making them the largest group of international students in the province.

Sunrise Group assists and accompanies Honorable Governor Stephen McNeill and the delegation to visit China in depth all the way from north to south, learn from numerous exchanges, and make progress in mutual cooperation. To better promote more exchanges and more pragmatic cooperation between Canada and China, Sunrise Group will continue to explore more opportunities and improve services.


Honorable Stephen McNeil second on the left with Sunrise Group Associates