The Annual APEC/Atlantic Provinces Economic Council Meeting was held in late autumn in Atlantic Canada. As the first Chinese executive director in the 63 years since the establishment of the Council, the president of Sunrise Group, Mr. Zhou Xuan made an excellent speech for the forum at the meeting and welcomed the guests from all over the world as the representative of the Council. “Trade, Cooperation, New market exploration, Mutual benefit and all-win” became the theme of the forum.

As early as 1954, the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council established at the urging of provincial business leaders in Atlantic region. The Economic Council has been collecting and processing business and economic information, and reporting on trends by economists even before the development of Statistics Canada. With over 60 years’ development, the Economic Council has grown from a department providing data and information reports for major industries to a diversified institution of information and trend research, and has exerted an important influence on the formulation of the government’s economic policies. At the same time, the Economic Council has been issuing annual key projects reports since 1982, providing an overview analysis of projects that have had a significant impact on the region’s economy. The total value of key projects announced by the Council has grown from $38 billion CAD in 1982 to $122 billion CAD in 2014, and has become a testament to the region’s economic development.

Sunrise Group is a diversified company group with strong corporate culture, formed by Sunrise Innovating, Sunrise Consulting, Sunrise Immigration and Investment, Sunrise Capital, Study Abroad Canada, COWS Creamy(China), Anne (China), and Sunrise Early Childhood Development Centre. The group operates in China, Canada, USA, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Taiwan (China) and Hong Kong (China).

As the president of Sunrise Group, Mr. Zhou Xuan has been interviewed to share his experience, enterprise operation mode, and idea on how to promote bilateral exchanges and development between the two countries by top mainstream media in both Canada and China, including CNTV, the Global Mail, Canada National Post, Canada Daily, Canada Industry Online(CIO), PEI The Guardian, Global Times, Phoenix Television, Beijing TV, Finance Tencent, Sina, Sohu, etc. Mr. Zhou Xuan has had meetings with the leaders of the Chinese and Canadian parties and countries and received high commend. Mr. Zhou Xuan was honored to attend the Boao Forum in Hainan, China from 2013 till 2018. Mr. Zhou Xuan was the only Chinese immigrant from mainland China to be awarded the title of the 75 most influential immigrants in Canada in 2015.