On May 11, 2017, Wang Xiaodong, Vice Governor of Hebei Province met with Stephen Horsman, the Deputy Premier of New Brunswick, Canada and his party in Shijiazhuang, and jointly signed the relationship between Hebei Province and New Brunswick to develop sister province relations Letter of Intent.

Vice Governor WANG, Xiaodong said that Hebei Province is in a period of superposition of various major opportunities, which provides a broad space and platform for deepening the exchanges and cooperation between Hebei and New Brunswick. It is hoped that both parties will deepen cooperation between local governments, establish a liaison mechanism, and strive to establish friendly provincial relations as soon as possible. At the same time, it is hoped that both parties will work hard to improve the level of trade, further deepen and expand practical cooperation in the fields of clean technology, environmental protection, winter sports and tourism, and continuously push the friendly relations between the two provinces to a new level.

Stephen Horsman said that New Brunswick attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with Hebei Province, and hopes that the two provinces will further deepen multi-field in-depth pragmatic cooperation, enhance understanding, deepen friendship, and achieve a win-win situation.

The charm of beautiful China is boundless, and the itinerary has been fruitful, and both parties are full of expectations for the cooperation between China and Canada.



In the history of Hebei, from conquest to integration, it created the history of Chinese civilization.We believe China-Canada relations will take advantage of the situation and cooperate more practically and closely.

Premier Stephen Horsman and his accompanying team continued to visit Guangxi southward, and the conversation between the two provinces was fruitful.

The two provinces exchanged gifts after the meeting