In October 2016, Sunrise Group accompanied Honorable Brian Gallant, the Premier of New Brunswick, Canada, visited China in the fall. The visit was from the north all the way to the south, from intergovernmental to non-governmental organizations, and it was full of rewards.

On October 10th, XIE, Yuan, the Vice President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries met with Premier Brian Gallant and his accompanying team.

Premier Brian Gallant thanked the Vice President, XEI, Yuan for his warm reception. He said that he felt the rapid development of Chinese society during his visit to China and would like to continue to promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields between the two countries on the existing basis.

                                                      A group photo of Sunrise Group, premier’s delegation, and the president and staff of the CPAFFC

On the 13th, Mr. CHE, Jun, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Zhejiang Province met with Premier Brian Gallant and the team. During the visit, the Premier fully experienced the dreamy verdant landscape of Zhejiang and people’s wise and humble. On the same day, Premier Brian Gallant visited Alibaba and comprehended about the huge role of China’s leading e-commerce network platforms such as Taobao and Tmall.



On October 17, 2016, Chairman CHEN, Wu and Vice Chairman ZHANG, Xiaoqin of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region met with Premier Brian Gallant and the team in Nanning.

Charming Guangxi locates in the South part of China, with famous landscape and fertile soil, known as the hometown of nationalities. In the region of beauty, the nightingale was singing during the visit. The team lamenting the rapid development of China, Nanning’s urban construction and greening are awe-inspiring.

Sunrise Group will be committed to actively promoting the establishment of exchanges and cooperation between provinces in China and Canada and continuously promote bilateral pragmatic cooperation in the fields of culture, economy and trade, humanities and education to become a solid backing and never forget the original intention.