Third Time to BoAo Forum: A New Direction for Sunrise Group

Jun 24, 2015

In March 2015, Mr. Xuan (Frank) Zhou, the President of Sunrise Group, was invited for the third time to attend the BoAo Forum in Hainan, China during which Chinese President Xi gave the keynote speech. The Forum’s Annual Conference this year was the most successful to date since the event began annually in 2001. This year, the forum invited over 1,700 influential leaders of global enterprises and organizations, including current and former national leaders from all over the world, including Chinese President Mr. Xi, 15 foreign national leaders, over 80 minister officials as well as 230 world enterprises leaders of Fortune 500 companies.


(Former Minister of Foreign Affair of China Li Zhaoxin/ Our mandarin version Anne of Green Gable co-forward writer)

(Former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd)

(Former United States Secretary of Commerce Carlos Miguel Gutiérrez; Former President of the Philippines Fidel Valdez Ramo.)

President Xi gave the keynote speech during the opening ceremonies of this year’s conference. His message focused on a “Community of Common Destiny” and a “New Future for Asia.” He pointed out that the world has experienced more profound changes than ever before, which has made countries increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Peace, development and win-win cooperation have become the prevailing trends of our times. The “Belt and Road” and the AIIB are both open initiatives. We welcome all countries in Asia, as well as our friends and partners around the world, to take an active part in these endeavours.


20150506161451104(President of P.R.China Xi JinPing)

During the forum, Mr. Zhou listened to President Xi’s speech and later shared words with COFCO CEO Mr. Xubo Yu and SOHO China CEO Pan Shiyi regarding China’s “Belt and Road” initiative into globalization and future planning for enterprises. They agreed that the initiative meets the development needs of China as well as countries on the belt and road. Now, the Chinese economy has entered a state of new normal, which will continue to bring more opportunities for trade, growth, investment and cooperation with other countries in Asia and beyond. It is fair to say that the Chinese economy is highly resilient and has a wealth of potential, which gives enough room to leverage a host of policy tools. The enterprises leading the innovation wave have very prosperous futures.


20150506161547183(SOHO China CEO Pan Shiyi)

Mr. Zhou also discussed the future of free trade zones in China with the Chief of the Administration Committee of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Mr. Yin Chen. This helped Mr. Zhou gain knowledge regarding the administration’s plans and methodology in this area. Mr. Zhou believes that with the pilot project of Shanghai (and more FTZs setting up in Tianjin, Guangdong and Fujian) the education and service industries will bring more opportunities in FTZs with different positioning and innovative administrations.




During the annual conference, Mr. Zhou was interviewed by Tencent Finance (Tencent is one of the largest online portals in China with the highest daily browsing number), together with the President of Sany Group (one of the top five largest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world), Mr. Wenbo Xiang. They exchanged opinions on the innovative enterprise trend in international trading and investment changes within the next five to ten years in the new normal economic state. Companies with innovative and break-through technologies and ideas will score first.


20150506161905122-min(Mr. Zhou was interviewed by Tencent Finance with President of Sany Group (one of the top five largest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world), Mr. Wenbo Xiang)

On the last day of the forum, Mr. Zhou joined the event “Technology & Innovation for a Sustainable Future” which was hosted by Robin Li, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft and Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors.


20150506200514127(Baidu President Li Yanhong, Bill Gates, Tesla CEO Elon Musk)

Sunrise Group will reach new heights and will have many accomplishments in the new economic state by continuing to utilize our abundance of resources and through the strong efforts of our ever-growing professional team at home and abroad.