COWS China Openness Flagship Store in Beijing

Nov 1, 2014

COWS Creamery Asia flagship store was planned for the over one and half year and opened in Beijing, on October 31st, 2014. Council of the Federation trade mission to China, Premier Robert Ghiz; Canadian Ambassador to China Guy Saint-Jacques; the president and CEO of the Sunrise Group Frank Zhou; and COWS Inc. CEO Jackie McIntyre attended the opening ceremony. Chinese People’s Association for Friendship, Canadian Tourism Bureau, and other organizations was invited to attend this ceremony.

On September 9th, while APEC opened, COWS Creamery was welcomed the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Lauren Harper, and the wife of Canadian Ambassador to China. They led 20 delegates to visit COW Creamery, and they tasted COWS Ice Cream – an icon of both tourism and food production on Prince Edward Island. COWS Ice Cream, birth in Prince Edward Island of Canada, is a recognizable ice cream brand in the world. COWS Ice Cream was appraised as ‘the most delicious ice cream in the world’ not only in Canada Readers Digest but also in Tauck World Discovery of 2008. COWS Creamery has toys, clothes, and many accessories as the by-products and using the witty perspective to tell its attitude to life as a cow. All the products explain the culture of Canada to China.

Mrs. Harper said she was pleasant to see the most famous brand of Canada could come to China, and COWS will be the bridge that advances the connection between Canadian and Chinese teenager culture as well. Sunrise Group knew Mr. and Mrs. Harper in 2012. During the visiting in Guangzhou, Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Harper and his wife read and gave the Canadian classical literary “Anne of Green Gable”, which is introduced and punished by Sunrise Group. Sunrise Group is the only authorized agent in Greater China (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau). In the near future, COWS Creamery will open dozens of chain stores in China, and based on China to expand the brand influence to the Asia-pacific region. In the future, the buyers can taste COWS Ice cream in everywhere of China, and buy funny COWS by-products. In COWS Creamery, you can taste the delicious food, and enjoy the fashion life. The various products and cultural elements of COWS will be a new cultural tie between China and Canada!