2013 China Fisheries & Seafood Expo

Dec 2, 2013

The China Fisheries & Seafood Expo in Dalian welcomed two Prince Edward Island seafood companies at the event, which took place November 5 – 7th. The 2013 expo was the largest show yet, with tens of thousands of prequalified buys and decision makers from various countries all over the world. Sunrise Consulting, as Prince Edward Island Mussel King and Atlantic Aqua Farms consultant, was working very hard on preparation, reception, coordination as well as translation and interpretation for the visit. The two companies were impressed with the professional services that Sunrise provided for them.

Sunrise Consulting has been facilitating local PEI companies and organizations to attend that show annually for the past 5 years. The exposition is the largest seafood expo in Asia and is a first-rate location for Island companies to showcase their products and services to the largest and fastest growing seafood market in the world.




P.E.I Mussel Kind an Atlantic Aqua Farms, with the assistance of Sunrise Consulting, shipped various flavors of frozen mussels to serve at the exposition to ensure a quality presentation of the Island’s famous product. Sunrise Consulting aided the two companies in setting up attractive displays at their booths that included pop-up banners and wall posters. The companies were very satisfied with the help they received from Sunrise on marketing and promoting their local seafood products at the fair.




The delicious mussels combined with the companies eye-catching displays, created valuable opportunities for face to face communication with potential buyers from all over the world. The PEI companies were able to gain useful knowledge of the seafood market in China and established valuable contacts with local importers.

In addition to showcasing the islands mussels, the province also had a representative there from the PEI Fisherman’s Association. Craig Avery attended the exposition on behalf of the association. Sunrise Consulting provided interpretation and local coordination for Mr. Avery so that he could be successful in obtaining useful market information that will be valuable to the province’s seafood industry in the future.

The 2013 China Fisheries & Seafood Expo was a success for the province of Prince Edward Island. With the help of Sunrise Consulting, the companies in attendance obtained a better perspective into their current market position in China and gained valuable insight into the preferences of Chinese consumers. Additionally, the exposition provided Island companies the opportunity to communicate with other companies attending the expo from various Canadian provinces to exchange views on current market challenges.

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