Anne of Green Gable shortlisted for the Most Influential Book of China 2012

Dec 24, 2012

Anne (China) published mandarin Anne of Green Gables has been shortlisted for the “Most Influential Book” published in China in 2012.

This is a competition run by Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, and China Booksellers. The initial list of 300 was determined through media recommendations and sales charts.

The Book is beautifully illustrated and is introduced by Forewords by Mrs. Laureen Harper and former Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing.  In his Foreword, Mr. Li writes:  “Just like Anne, young Chinese boys and girls are hard-working, courageous, optimistic, and embrace the same vision for a better future.  By reading this novel, young people will have more reason to believe that people-oriented concepts and global friendships are the future of 21st Century.  Love and hope never fade.”  Mr. Li is a respected Chinese elder statesman who served recently as official Spokesman for China’s National People’s Congress (CPC) and is Chairman of the Chinese Translation Association.

Laureen Harper, herself an early Anne fan, says in a Foreword that readers around the world have loved Anne for her “independent spirit, her kind and generous heart, and her boundless imagination” and invites readers to visit Canada and Prince Edward Island.  During a recent mission to China, Mrs. Harper donated copies of the Book to middle school students in Guangzhou and at the launch of the Canadian summer travel campaign in Beijing.

PEI Premier Robert Ghiz, who launched the publication during the Premier’s official visit to China in November 2011, invites readers in an Afterword to the Book to visit Prince Edward Island, with the reminder that “The story and the characters are based on a real place – Prince Edward Island – a place that is just as magical and romantic as it is described in this special book.