Sherry Huang: Building Bridges to China

Oct 24, 2012

Congratulations to Sherry Huang of Sunrise Group who was on the cover page of Progress Magazine VOL.19 NO.03 2012! As Atlantic Canada’s best-read business magazine with a readership of 100,000, it offers in-depth analysis and forward-looking articles that put business leaders ahead of the curve.

In the article with title of “Sherry Huang: Building Bridges to China”, it introduced Sherry’s story of bringing famous novel Anne of Green Gables to 1.3 billion Chinese people. It was recently translated into Mandarin and introduced to China. Hopefully through her effort, a stream of Chinese visitors may soon join the annual trek to Anne’s Land.

Sherry hopes Chinese schoolchildren will embrace Anne, the feisty independent dreamer. “It’s a very encouraging story that should be included in the education system,” says Huang, who plans to donate copies of the book to students in poor rural areas of China. “That’s a gift from P.E.I. to China.”

Huang is actively involved in the P.E.I. business community, and a symbol of the island’s improving diversity. “Sherry is a great addition to our island community, from a business perspective and from a cultural perspective,” says Premier Robert Ghiz, who was accompanied by Huang on a Chinese Trade mission last November.