PEI Premier Delegation visited China in September of 2012

Sep 30, 2012

As part of the 2012 Council of the Federation trade mission to China, Premier Robert Ghiz brought a delegation of Island businesses, education institutions and government officials to China in September. The mission visited places including Beijing, Shanghai and Hainan – Prince Edward Island’s sister province. Sunrise Group participated in the mission to assist and coordinate the smooth communication and further cooperation of two sides.

Premiers met with Member of Standing Committee of Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee – WANG Qishan on September 14th. During the meeting, WANG Qishan said that the frequent higher-level exchange between Canada and China promoted cooperation in all industries. Premiers also discussed their ambitious trade and investment agendas in which Chinese markets play a key role.

Later on, Secretary of Hainan Provincial Committee of CPC / Chairman of Hainan Provincial Standing Committee-LUO, Baoming  and Deputy Secretary of HainanProvincial Committee of CPC / Hainan Premier JIANG, Dingzhi met with Premier Robert Ghiz respectively.

In the meeting held by LUO, Baoming, he spoke highly of the second visit of Ghiz’s delegation to Hainan. For the past 11 years of sisterhood between Hainan Province and Prince Edward Island, we have worked together and achieved success in many different areas. LUO was looking forward to expanding cooperation and working on more projects with Prince Edward Island. Premier Ghiz expressed his gratefulness on Hainan’s warm reception and his hope that the friendship of the two provinces would move forward and lead to further communications and cooperation.

While meeting with Governor of Hainan, Premier Ghiz was invited to attend China(Hainan)International Winter Trade Fair of Tropical Agricultural Products 2012 and Boao Forum 2013 Annual Conference. Premier Ghiz positively responded to JIANG’s invitation.