PEI Premier Delegation visiting Hainan, China

Nov 28, 2011

PEI Premier Hon. Robert Ghiz visited Hainan province under the invitation of Governor Jiang Ding Zhi. Sunrise Groups attended this event with honour during the delegation’s four-day visiting in Hainan province.

The secretary of Provincial Committee of CPC – Lou Bao Ming and Premier Jiang Ding Zhi has met with members of delegation leading by PEI Premier Hon. Robert Ghiz in Haikou city in the afternoon, November 25, 2011.

PEI has becoming sister province with Hainan for decade. On the 10th anniversary, Hon. Robert Ghiz was invited by Hainan province for a visit during November 23 to November 26, 2011. The delegation has over 20 members and was formed by government officers, university principals, and senior managers. Sunrise Groups joined the anniversary celebration with great honour.

Luo Bao Ming represented Provincial Committee of CPC and provincial government warmly welcomed Hon. Robert Ghiz and the delegation’s visiting. He recalled the enjoyable memories during his trip to PEI last September. He was impressed by the beautiful scenery and worm hearted people. He also wished that Hainan can leave the delegation the same good memories.

Luo said that due to the development of Hainan international tourism destination, Hainan is undergoing a booming in economy. Modern service industry leading by tourism, modern heavy industry leading by petrochemical and modern high efficiency agriculture industry leading by tropical fruits and vegetables have became 3 major supportive industries. As major officer of Hainan province, he is more than happy to see the rapid growth of economy and better living condition of citizens. The third quarter national financial report indicated that Hainan was ranked one of the top growths in both disposable incomes of urban residents and net income per capital of rural residents.

Luo also said that although Hainan and PEI are thousands of miles away, there are many in common for these two island provinces. In the past 10 years, the two provinces have realized mutual visiting between governments, and cooperation among business sector. He wished that both parties can carry on the past prosperous and open up a brighter future. PEI and Hainan province should put joint effort to create deeper and more diversified friendship.

Hon. Robert Ghiz expressed his deeply appreciation for the invitation and hospitality. He spoke highly of Hainan’s amazing landscape and believed it better than Hawaii. He suggested that Hainan and PEI can work together in agriculture, stock raising, ocean fishery, and tourism industries. There are also much potential and space in higher education industry as well. Though joint effort, two parties can wider the cooperation and discover more mutual interests.

Consul General of Canadian Consulate in Guangzhou – Mr. Weldon Epp has presented to the celebration. Nainan Provincial Government Secretary General Xu Zhuang and representatives from HNA Groups have presented to the ceremony as well.