1.4 billion people welcome the little red hair Anne

Sep 20, 2011

Sunrise Group, Anne (China) Inc. and Tsinghua University Press successfully held the “Anne of Green Gables” publishing conference and guest symposium at Shanghai Book Fair on August 21st, 2011. Sherry Huang, executive vice-president of Sunrise Group (Canada) and CEO of Anne (China) has attended the conference and delivered a speech entitled “China Welcomes Red-Hair Little Anne”. Ms Andrea Clark-Grignon, Canada’s Consul General in Shanghai, defined it as a successful China- Canada cultural exchange symbol.



Anne of Green Gables is a bestselling novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery published in 1908. Kate Middleton came to the Land of Anne on her first romantic visit after her marriage to her new husband, Prince William. She has been a fan since reading the book as a little girl “It’s every little girl’s dream to be Anne, I think” Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Since it came out in 1902, this book has translated into 29 languages with over 50 million copies. It was recognized by the world through books and movies. Famous writer Mark Twain spoke highly of this novel and described Anne as “the dearest and most lovely character since Alice”. Because of its worldwide impact, thousands of travelers from different countries visited Prince Edward Island in Canada, where the story was born at, and to experience Anne’s life.



The reason why red-haired Anne is so popular in both western and eastern countries is that she impressed everyone with her optimistic spirit and rich imagination.  Anne’s rich imaginations and optimism is valuable precious to Chinese children. The Chinese edition translated by Yao Yao is beautiful and modern.



The audiences were impressed by the inspiring story. A girl even saw herself through Anne’s story. The Chinese edition of “Anne of Green Gables” will be published in November 2011. Various activities will be organized by the press and Anne China Inc, readers can also send in their articles about “Anne of Green Gables”. Writers of the best articles will be awarded a two weeks trip to PEI, a place of romance.