10th Anniversary of sister provinces between Hainan and PEI

Jul 20, 2011

The celebration ceremony of 10th anniversary of sister provinces between Hainan and PEI was held in National Institute for South China Sea Studies.

The presented guests were including: Deputy Secretary of Hainan Provincial Committee of Communist Party of China – Mr. Jiang Ding Zhi, PEI Premier Hon. Robert Ghiz, Ambassador of Canadian Embassy to Guangzhou – Mr. Weldon Epp.

During the ceremony, Mr. Jiang Ding Zhi and Hon. Robert Ghiz have signed the agreement aiming at promoting friendship between two provinces. It is both parties’ interest to maintain and further develop cooperation activities, and realize mutual benefit for the field of joint interest. Both parties agreed to deeper the communication in education, trading, and recyclable resource industries, and establish cooperation in related fields.


Cooperation agreement has also been signed between academic institutions in Hainan and PEI. Hainan University and UPEI will establish collaboration in teaching, human resource management, faculties, and research department. Hainan College of Vocation and Technique and Holland College have signed collaboration agreement. They will continue working together on the golfing course, and bring up more golf professionals to Hainan Province. Both parties have also discussed other collaboration opportunities within academic institutions. They will work together to provide more opportunities on course sharing, culture exchanging, degree recognition, and language learning. Hon. Robert Ghiz presented the meeting this morning, and further discussed collaborative golfing courses offered Holland College and Hainan vocation and Technique.

Hainan province has become sister province with PEI in June, 2001. For the past decade, both parties worked together in telecommunication, education, agriculture, tourism, and services industries and yielded rich harvest.

The delegation group with 26 members leading by Premier Hon. Robert Ghiz has stayed in Hainan for 4 day.

The new version of world famous novel “Anne of Green Gable” first issuing ceremony was held after the agreement signing ceremony. Officers from Hainan provincial government office, provincial education department, department of foreign affairs, and department of commerce have also joined the ceremony.