Chinese Islanders Business Summit: New Opportunities and Win-Win Strategy

Mar 24, 2011

With the arrivals of Chinese immigration stream to Prince Edward Island, they become an important part of the island community and bring huge potential business impact on the island economy.

On March 2 and 3, 2011, the Chinese Islanders Business Summit, held at the Delta Prince Edward Island, was a great success on bringing together island business owners and new Chinese islanders from the Chinese Canadian Community. This summit was presented by the Province of PEI in partnership with Chinese Canadian Association of Prince Edward Island, the Prince Edward Island Association for Newcomers to Canada, and the Great Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce. The organizer of this event was Sunrise Group.

The Chinese Island Business Summit focused on providing more supports for new immigrants, helping them to settle down and integrate better into the community, and creating business and employment opportunities for them. The first day included presentations on introducing key island industry sectors, various business development organizations, and important things to know to operate a business on PEI. The second day created the platform between Island Businesses and Chinese islanders to communicate and explore potential partnerships. Everyone attended the summit indicated that they found business opportunities in their fields and looked forward to establish further partnership after the summit.

With the support of facilitators and translators, the Summit established the connections between existing Island businesses and Chinese newcomers and achieved a win-win strategy for both sides of the communities.